Using neuroscience & spiritual perspectives our aim is to transform existing community places like cafés into enriched environments where people do life together, embark on the search for meaning and give voice to the deeper things of the soul. We call this a Soul Group.

The Soul Group offers a space where we can share our life intentionally and thrive through dialogue and spirit-led discovery.

Our aim at Soul Food Café is to deepen your self-awareness, spirituality and practical listening skills as you share with others who are soul searching.
Journey of Discovery
We take you on an adventure to renew your mind and soul. Our aim is to deepen your self-awareness, spirituality and practical listening skills to assist in the service of others.

The courses offer a real-life experience. Part of our training is online but the vital part is done in small groups. This dialogue is essential in our meaning-making, and spiritual & mental health.
Self-Discovery - Course 1
The first course focuses on the contemplative mind and aims to encourage soul searching, resilience and self-care. We believe that you need to understand yourself before you can understand others.
Shared Discovery - Course 2
The second course focuses on the compassionate mind. This is the course where you join a Soul Group and develop friendships to connect & grow. You’ll look at the intersection between your life story and soul story in groups of 2 or 3.
Discovery Coach - Course 3
The third course offers skills-based training to equip you to become an effective coach. We use a coach-the-coach model where you'll be coached by others and then you in-turn will apply your practical skills with friends.
Soul Group Facilitator - Course 4
The facilitator course is the final step in the journey of discovery where you'll learn group skills and become an ambassador of change. You'll work with soul stories and run your own Soul Group.

Mind & Soul Travel Guides
In this book series, Dr Paul Whetham uses tell, show, do principles to help renew your mind & soul.
Journey of Discovery - Travel Guide 1
The first guide takes a good look at the mind and soul using neuroscience and spirituality principles. It aims to deepen your self-awareness and resilience.
Built for Adventure - Travel Guide 2
The second guide ​encourages you to move out of your comfort zone and go deeper into mystery and meaning.
Soul Talk - Travel Guide 3
The third guide ​emphasizes roof off to God and walls down to people. It aims to help you to reflect, connect and grow spiritually with others.

How can I start?

Are you ready to start the journey?
Enroll in the online Self-Discovery course. Then find out when our online interactive Shared-Discovery course starts and experience the Soul Food Café.

Do you have a lot more questions and would like to have a more in-depth understanding?
Our 3 Mind and Soul travel guides books will give the rationale and further information about the project.

Not sure yet - try one of our conversation starters?
Our Soul Food Starters are a series of one-page conversation starters about well-being that draws on the key ideas from our Mind & Soul Travel Guides.
Download a starter today, meet with a few friends over a cuppa in a local café and have a meaningful conversation.
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Soul Food Café Starter 1 - Life's a Mystery



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“Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards”

– Soren Kierkegaard
"...Paul, I am so glad you ran this Soul Food Café workshop. This has meant a lot to me in many areas and for many reasons, but I think the most revealing bit was sharing my story ...
I was rather shocked to see how many things were "below the line", and how deep they were below the line. I have a feeling that God is changing me and my direction ..." - Elaine

"On the first day, I felt this amazing sense of relief when you shared the concept of listening to each other's broken and beautiful stories and valuing each person and their story…
Finally, I found someone who's on the same page!" - Wendy

Our Trainers

Paul Whetham
Paul Whetham is a clinical psychologist who has over 25 years’ experience in mental and spiritual health. He was previously the Director of the Masters in Counselling program at the University of South Australia and has co-written Year 11 and 12 Psychology textbooks for South Australian and International secondary schools. Paul did his PhD on the loneliness of church leaders and has written burnout materials with the National Church Life Survey. He is also a Certified Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner (IACN) and currently runs a clinical psychology practice in South Australia called Lifeboat Stories which focuses on neuroscience, resilience and practical self-care.
Nigel Skeates
Nigel Skeates is a counselling psychologist with experience within the faith community, private and non-government sectors. He has been a Salvation Army officer, worked in private practice as a psychologist, been involved in mental health research and development as well as having extensive experience in management and Human Resources. He also has an interest in neuroscience and is passionate about families and the experience, role and importance of fathers as mentors.

Our Mission
  • Transform existing community cafes into informal spaces where we enhance our mental & spiritual health and develop ongoing friendships to connect & grow.
  • Equip people with practical neuroscience principles, self-care & people skills.
  • Promote spiritual health as a pathway to mental health in community & church organisations.
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