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Soul Food Café
At Soul Food Café we created a series of intentional wellbeing conversations to help you thrive, not just survive.

Our online workshops, cafes and toolbox equip your mind & soul for a rapidly changing world.
Mind & Soul Training
We teach you skills and give you an experience to:
Sort out your mind
Find your authentic self
Learn the language of your soul
Transform your community


Soul Search
Navigate the unknown.
Understand the basics of how your mind and soul work. Learn how to be a better captain of your mind and soul, and embrace a sea of possibilities.
Connect, Reflect & Grow!
Thrive in difficult times!
Relationships help us to make sense of ourselves. You will look at stress, the soul and ways to help understand your world of relationships.
Retrain My Brain
Keep up with a rapidly changing world.
Understand your brain from the inside-out and discover how we get stuck in our chaotic mind. Learn practical ways to transform your mind and soul, and discover new character strengths.
Journey of Discovery
Join us on a journey from small talk to soul talk.
Start an adventure that moves you out of your own world and sets you on a path toward personal growth.
Discovery Coach
Assist others on the journey.
Polish your social skills and learn how to listen and give feedback to fellow travellers on the journey. Be equipped to become a Soul Food Café facilitator and run your own Pop-up Cafe. (Journey of Discovery is prerequisite)

Mind & Soul Toolbox

Imagine if you could take your mental health into your own hands and learn some simple but powerful tools from our Mind & Soul Toolbox to monitor and manage your own wellbeing.
Select any tool from the tool box and start a conversation with a friend or Discovery Coach.

Online Soul Food Café

Find food for your soul!
Meet some fellow searchers and have real conversations. Learn to let your guard down and let your soul speak. The Soul Food Café is a safe space where we talk about things that really matter.
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