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Soul Talk Skills
Tired of small talk? Try Soul Talk
Soul Talk is a skills-based training package where you experience firsthand the potential of our transformative conversations. Conversations of discovery that give a voice to the deeper things of the mind and soul.
  • Learn how to create enriched environments to explore stories, strengths and self-care.

  • Assess holistic well-being that will help you to read the signs and symptoms of mental and spiritual health.

  • Experience transformative conversations and develop supportive relationships which are essential to mental and spiritual health.

Become a Discovery Coach & Learn Soul Talk Skills

Discover Yourself
Life must be lived forwards, but it can only be understood backwards.
Self-Discovery is an online course that takes you on a journey where you explore the deeper things of your mind and soul.
  • You will unpack your life story and find out who you really are.
  • Increase your awareness of your personal values, strengths and resilience.
  • Examine your holistic well-being and be equipped with effective tools to check your progress.
Self-reflection and self-understanding are important building blocks for deeper and meaningful conversations.

Start YOUR Self-Discovery Now

Mind & Soul Travel Guides
Our three Mind & Soul Travel Guides are a companion for your journey where you explore the deeper things of your mind and soul. These books encourage you to move out of your comfort zone to start the journey of discovery and see a transformation.

Start with Our Mind & Soul Travel Guides

Thrive, not just survive, at work and home
Resilience is lifelong learning! Assess your resilience and learn to be a better captain of your mind and soul.
  • Learn practical ways to embrace stress, be more resilient and live a more meaningful life.
  • Use the latest Neuroscience to retrain your brain and explore issues of mystery and meaning.
  • Learn how to navigate challenging situations, spiritual awakenings and dark nights.
Boost your Resilience!
“To 'listen' another's soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.”
– Douglas V. Steere
"...Paul, I am so glad you ran this Soul Food Café workshop. This has meant a lot to me in many areas and for many reasons, but I think the most revealing bit was sharing my story ...
I was rather shocked to see how many things were "below the line", and how deep they were below the line. I have a feeling that God is changing me and my direction ..." - Elaine

"On the first day, I felt this amazing sense of relief when you shared the concept of listening to each other's broken and beautiful stories and valuing each person and their story…
Finally, I found someone who's on the same page!" - Wendy
Experience. The difference.
Soul Food Café was created to address the growing mental and spiritual health needs in the community.

Our aim at Soul Food Café is to transform existing community places like cafés into enriched environments where people do life together, provide support and give voice to the deeper things of the soul.

We specialise in skills-based coaching and resilience training to schools, community and church-based organisations.

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Our Trainers

Paul Whetham
Dr Paul Whetham is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Soul Food Café who has 30 years’ experience in mental and spiritual health. He was previously the Director of the Masters in Counselling program at the University of South Australia and has co-written Psychology textbooks for South Australian an international secondary schools. Paul did his PhD on the loneliness of church leaders and has written burnout materials with the National Church Life Survey. He is an accredited Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner and runs a clinical psychology practice in Adelaide called Lifeboat Stories.
Nigel Skeates
Nigel Skeates is a counselling psychologist with experience within the faith community, private and non-government sectors. He has been a Salvation Army officer, worked in private practice as a psychologist, been involved in mental health research and development as well as having extensive experience in management and Human Resources. He also has an interest in neuroscience and is passionate about families and the experience, role and importance of fathers as mentors.
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