Mind & Soul Travel Guides In this book series, Dr Paul Whetham uses tell, show, do principles to help renew your mind & soul.

  1. Journey of Discovery takes a good look at the mind and soul using neuroscience principles and Christian spirituality. It aims to deepen your self-awareness and resilience.
  2. Built for Adventure encourages you to move out of your comfort zone and go deeper into mystery and meaning.
  3. Soul Talk emphasizes roof off to God and walls down to people. It aims to help you to reflect, connect and grow spiritually with others.

Coach & Church Leader Guides outline a fresh approach to gospel-sharing based on our coach-the-coach model.

  • Lighthouses: Christian coaching in a post-Christian world (Whetham & Eaton 2018). This Coach Guide explains how to engage people in a ‘wellbeing conversation’ that leads naturally to an exploration of their identity in God.
  • Hard to be Holy: The untold stories of church leaders (2nd Ed). This Church Leader Guide explorers the challenges faced by church leaders and the rationale behind missional enriched environments and our coach-the-coach model.

All Books are available through independent bookstores and online stores.

Journey of Discovery This first travel guide shows you how.

Dr Whetham demonstrates how we can transform our suffering to discover meaning through authentic 2-way relationships and how that discovery is essential for not only our souls but our mental health as well. You’ll learn why dialogue, in neuroscience terms, is an enriched environment that stimulates neural growth and enhances our mental health.



Cover Built for Adventure ThumbJust when you think it’s game over – it’s game on!

In this second travel guide we encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and to go deeper into mystery and meaning. It suggests that Plan B adventure is when things go right – not wrong! Boats are built for adventure and so are we.
Being creatures of comfort, most of us prefer the stable cruise liner option over the more unstable lifeboat, choosing Plan A instead of Plan B. Cruise liners are massive in size and white in colour. Lifeboats are tiny and colourful in contrast. Their vibrant orange colour screams for attention and points to real Plan B adventure; yet they are left high and dry and are rarely, if ever, used. However, in times of trouble, downsizing to the tiny robust boat guarantees the ride of your life. It promises a real journey of discovery.



Cover SoulTalk Thumb

Tired of small talk? Try soul talk!

Drawing on the latest neuroscience research and practice, as well as great Christian thinkers past and present, Paul puts forward a persuasive argument that the time is right to build a bridge between the mind and soul. In Travel Guide 1 he explores the search for meaning and argues that spiritual health is a pathway to mental health. Travel Guide 2 gives examples of personal meaning-making and how important it is to surrender old meanings in order to give birth to new ones. In this third travel guide we look specifically at Christian spirituality and why honest and ongoing conversations with God and others is food for the mind and soul. Soul talk can simply be described as “roof off, walls down”. That is, roof off to God and walls down to people. This travel guide shows you how!



Cover Lighthouse Thumb

There are already a number of useful resources in the Christian marketplace that teach you how to engage with people who are open to Christianity, even if only tentatively. Lighthouses: Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World offers something fresh and different; it presents a model for engaging with people who are barely curious about the gospel or even openly resistant to it.
Evangelist and church planter Dean Eaton has teamed up with Christian clinical psychologist Dr Paul Whetham to propose a fresh approach to gospel-sharing based on a coaching model. Lighthouses: Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World explains
how to engage people in a ‘wellbeing conversation’ that leads naturally to an exploration of their identity in God. The book draws heavily on materials developed by Dr Whetham for Soul Food Café (, an online resource centre for contemporary gospel-sharers.

The basic idea is that by transforming community meeting places and church cafes into informal sacred spaces where people ‘do life together’, you can embark on the search for meaning and give voice to the deeper things of the soul.
Lighthouses: Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World is highly recommended for people looking for a fresh approach to mission and evangelism.


Cover Hard to Be Holy Thumb‘At last, an utterly honest book which recognises that the church is in crisis, and its pastors too... The authors’ skills as interviewers are abundantly revealed in the sympathetic rapport they achieve with their subjects. This is an important book full of fruitful encouragement to take risks for God.’ 
James Murray, Religious affairs editor – The Australian 

‘I cannot think of two people better placed to talk to us ministers about how ‘hard’ it is to be ‘holy’ without the sustenance of open and reciprocal friendships with the people of our congregations. For that is what they very cogently argue in this excellent book.’  
Rev Tim Costello AO – Former CEO of World Vision

‘Hard to be Holy is a book that disturbs me greatly. In times of difficulty, at the very moment when leaders need the support of a Christian community, they tend to cut themselves off from a potential lifeline . . . A must read for all those in leadership and congregations in a changing Australia.’
Dr Peter Kaldor, Director – National Church Life Survey

‘Hard to be Holy changes the missional conversation. From how to find the silver bullet to grow the church, to how we can flourish as human beings so as to develop healthy God-centred relationships inside and outside the church. A must-read for anyone concerned about the future shape of Christian mission.’
Dean Eaton, Mission Facilitator – Lutheran Church of Australia



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