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Journey of Discovery This first guide shows you how to travel.

Dr Whetham demonstrates how we can transform our suffering to discover meaning through authentic 2-way relationships and how that discovery is essential for not only our souls but our mental health. You’ll learn why dialogue, in neuroscience terms, is an enriched environment that stimulates neural growth and enhances our mental health.

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Cover Built for Adventure ThumbJust when you think it’s game over – it’s game on!

In this second travel guide, we encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and to go deeper into mystery and meaning.

Being creatures of comfort, most of us prefer the stable cruise liner option over the more unstable lifeboat. However, their vibrant orange colour screams for attention and points to real adventure; yet they are left high and dry and are rarely, if ever, used. Yet it would guarantee the ride of your life and promise a real journey of discovery.

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Cover SoulTalk Thumb

Tired of small talk? Try soul talk!

Drawing on the latest neuroscience research and practice, as well as great Christian thinkers past and present, Dr Whetham puts forward a persuasive argument that the time is right to build a bridge between the mind and soul. In this travel guide he looks specifically at Christian spirituality and why honest and ongoing conversations with God and others is food for the mind and soul. 

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Cover Hard to Be Holy Thumb‘At last, an utterly honest book which recognises that the church is in crisis, and its pastors too... The authors’ skills as interviewers are abundantly revealed in the sympathetic rapport they achieve with their subjects. This is an important book full of fruitful encouragement to take risks for God.’ 
James Murray, Religious affairs editor – The Australian 

‘I cannot think of two people better placed to talk to us ministers about how ‘hard’ it is to be ‘holy’ without the sustenance of open and reciprocal friendships with the people of our congregations. For that is what they very cogently argue in this excellent book.’  
Rev Tim Costello AO – Former CEO of World Vision

‘Hard to be Holy is a book that disturbs me greatly. In times of difficulty, at the very moment when leaders need the support of a Christian community, they tend to cut themselves off from a potential lifeline . . . A must read for all those in leadership and congregations in a changing Australia.’
Dr Peter Kaldor, Director – National Church Life Survey

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