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The Soul Food Book invites you on a journey from small talk to soul talk. A journey that takes you out of your own ordinary world and sets you on a path of personal growth and deeper relationships.

We all yearn for meaningful relationships but they are increasingly difficult to find. Research has clearly shown that relationships are essential for our physical, mental and spiritual health. It is the deeper conversations that help us to grow and give voice to the soul. The Soul Food Café Book invites you on a journey from small talk to soul talk. A journey that takes you out of your own ordinary world and sets you on a path of personal growth and deeper relationships. In the first part, you will understand your relationship style and learn how to build meaningful relationships. The second part reflects on life, the search for meaning, and how you can be a better captain of your own soul. The final part looks at how you can grow through regular and intentional soul talk groups in a Pop-Up Cafe. Lastly, a rationale for the Soul Food Cafe’s Loneliness Project will be given. Soul Food Café is a place to connect, reflect and grow with friends. 

 The book is available as PDF or eBook (epub).

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Journey of Discovery This first guide shows you how to travel.

Dr Whetham demonstrates how we can transform our suffering to discover meaning through authentic 2-way relationships and how that discovery is essential for not only our souls but our mental health. You’ll learn why dialogue, in neuroscience terms, is an enriched environment that stimulates neural growth and enhances our mental health.

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Cover Built for Adventure ThumbJust when you think it’s game over – it’s game on!

In this second travel guide, we encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and to go deeper into mystery and meaning.

Being creatures of comfort, most of us prefer the stable cruise liner option over the more unstable lifeboat. However, their vibrant orange colour screams for attention and points to real adventure; yet they are left high and dry and are rarely, if ever, used. Yet it would guarantee the ride of your life and promise a real journey of discovery.

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Cover SoulTalk Thumb

Tired of small talk? Try soul talk!

Drawing on great Christian thinkers past and present, Dr Whetham puts forward a persuasive argument that the time is right to build a bridge between the mind and soul. In this travel guide, he looks specifically at Christian spirituality and why honest and ongoing conversations with God and others is food for the mind and soul. 

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SFC Book HTBH Royal Com ED Thump

The book was ahead of its time. Now it’s more relevant than ever before!
New extended edition with a constructive proposal on how to share the load and move towards a transformational church.

Published 20 years ago based on extensive research, this book raised many issues about church leader burnout and abuse. However, this has resulted in little systemic change.
Now, after the Royal Commission into child abuse, the book has gained more relevance than ever before. This version looks at the issues the current church is facing from sexual abuse, poor relationships and loneliness to the challenges of implementing ethical codes in light of the Royal Commission.
But the book doesn’t stop there. The second part of the book outlines how churches can seize this opportunity to move towards a transformational church and share the load of pastors, a church built on reciprocal relationships that transform lives and impact communities.

Hard to be Holy answers many questions about the current church crisis and gives hope to the many wanting to move forward to a transformational church and community-based support.

‘At last, an utterly honest book which recognises that the church is in crisis, and its pastors too... The authors’ skills as interviewers are abundantly revealed in the sympathetic rapport they achieve with their subjects. This is an important book full of fruitful encouragement to take risks for God.’ 
James Murray, Religious affairs editor – The Australian 

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