The journey of discovery starts with Self-Discovery, which focuses on the contemplative mind and aims to encourage soul searching, resilience and self-care. We believe that you need to understand yourself before you can understand others. 

A three-part online self-directed course (4-5 hours) that explores your story, strengths and self-care which includes a range of well-being worksheets, videos and reading materials online.

My Story, the first module will unpack your story and who you are. My Strengths, the second module which make you self-aware of your personal values, strengths and resilience. The third module Self-Care examines holistic well-being and equip you with effective skills to check your progress.

Each module has an introduction part that explains the challenges and a practical part where you are required to answer questions and submit them online.

Finally, the most important step is when you share your story with others and experience the difference. This part will be covered in the Shared Discovery course which is currently only offered as a 1-day workshop in Australia. 

Shared Discovery, focuses on the compassionate mind. This is the course where you join a Soul Food Cafe and develop friendships to connect & grow. You develop your soul story and share in groups of 2 or 3. These informal sacred groups are where we give voice to deeper things of the soul and learn to share, give and receive.

The course starts online with self-directed learning (2 hours) and you participate in a 1-day training workshop currently only offered in Australia.

Discovery Coach equips you to become just that! It gives you practical tools and skills to help transform other people’s lives and become an ambassador of change. Our coaches do not attempt to fix people or give advice. Instead, we use a coach-the-coach lighthouse model that simply sheds light on a person’s position and circumstance to help them deepen their self-awareness and spirituality.

The Course starts with online self-directed learning (2 hours) and you then participate in a 1-day training workshop. The workshop is currently only offered in Australia. 

Please note: The Self-Discovery and Shared Discovery courses are prerequisites for the Discovery Coach course. 

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