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We are built for relationships... 
But they don’t come easily!

Soul Food Cafe was created in response to the current mental health and loneliness crisis. We are a Training Centre for Life that promotes soul health as a pathway to better mental health - after all, psychology means “study of the soul”!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop mental health literacy and peer support through a community-based coach-the-coach training program that focuses on the wellness model, not the treatment model, of mental health (Click here to read more).
The fact is, professionals are a bit like ambulances at the bottom of a cliff. While this is obviously important, putting a robust community fence at the top of the cliff makes more sense. 

For these reasons, Soul Food Café provides innovative mental health training on both sides of the fence. 

On one side of the fence, we offer ‘Take Your Life Back Workshops’ facilitated by Discovery Coaches (4 workshops) for people in the community. 
On the other side, at the bottom of the cliff, we offer ‘Healthy Minds Workshops’ facilitated by clinical psychologists (4 workshops) for people on Mental Health Care Plans referred by their GPs.

Discovery Coach Training

Discovery Coach Training is delivered as an intensive over 2-days or one weekend (Friday night and all day Saturday). It includes Take Your Life Back Workshop and Advanced Soul Talk Skills.

Community Kick Start

Community Kick Start is the coach-the-coach training package designed to build connections and mental health literacy. It is a cost-effective alternative for community groups and organisations as we only train the first batch of Discovery Coaches, then it is the coaches that train the next generation of coaches. For example, Soul Food Cafe trains an initial group of 15 people and then each of these certified coaches can deliver the 'Take Your Life Back Workshop’ material to up to 3 people over a 12 week period. So the goal reach for this project is potentially 60 people in a 3 month period.

Loneliness Articles

The impact of social isolation and loneliness on mental health and wellbeing.

"Overall, the pandemic and its associated consequences for health and wellbeing may have highlighted the critical need for being around people and being meaningfully connected to others around us. A deeper knowledge of loneliness and social isolation is required to allow us to better understand their impact on mental health and wellbeing."
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Loneliness in the age of COVID-19

"... I then argue that loneliness should be understood as a social determinant of health. Lastly, I argue that individuals have a right not to be lonely. Such right stems in turn from the right to healthcare or even a right to health."
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