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Soul Food Café
Training for Life
Soul Food Café is a training centre for life that builds support through regular well-being conversations. It enables people to connect, reflect and discover more about themselves and each other through practical knowledge, tools and people skills. 

Join us and become the change in your community! .
Soul Food Cafe was created to address the current mental health and loneliness crises. It is a novel community-based project that aims to empower individuals to care for their mental health and well-being. Our practical skills training and tools promote deeper self-reflection and personal growth through intentional well-being conversations in enriched environments such as community cafes. 

Although we offer specialist counselling run by experienced psychologists, the main focus is our flagship Training for Life peer-based workshop which is run by Discovery Coaches. 

Soul Food Café (SFC.AU) was established in 2017, by the two current directors: 

Paul Whetham co-ordinates community and counselling services. He did his PhD on loneliness and has a background in community welfare and clinical psychology. 

Urs Burkart coordinates coach-the-coach training and manages the Soul Food Cafe business. He has a background in business and is the owner/director of other businesses.

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