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At Soul Food Cafe every soul is precious and has a unique story to tell. Our team believes that despite living in an age of distraction and discontent the soul yearns for deeper meaning and connection – perhaps more than ever!  

Paul Whetham

Paul is a clinical psychologist who has over 25 years' experience in spiritual and mental health and runs a psychology practice in Adelaide, South Australia, called Lifeboat Stories.
Paul was previously the Director of the Masters in Counselling program at the University of South Australia and has co-written Year 11 and 12 Psychology textbooks for South Australian and International secondary schools. He has also co-written clergy burnout materials with the National Church Life Survey.
Paul is passionate about neuroplasticity, meaning-making and mentor training.


URS Burkart

Urs runs his own Business in Sydney and is a consultant to other businesses. 
He is committed to Soul Food Cafe because he sees it as a beacon of light in a stormy world offering a way of self-discovery and deeper connection with others. 
Urs was instrumental in setting up Soul Food Cafe and is managing its operations. 

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