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The Soul Group is not just a bunch of people getting together to have a cuppa and chat, though that’s certainly part of the experience. Rather the Soul Group is a group of friends who meet together in a café for approximately 1 hour a week to discuss “The Week That Was” and once a month share a meal together. Our aim is to regularly meet with friends in a safe café space where we have an intentional conversation to give voice to the deeper things of the soul.

Soul Food Café was created to address the growing mental and spiritual health needs in the community. It is a place where you can get training and find food for your soul with friends.

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Because cafés are familiar, neutral places where people who may not feel comfortable entering a church space for a whole host of reasons, can feel at ease. The soul is like a shy animal that needs to feel absolutely safe before it comes out to play. Therefore, these informal sacred spaces need to be somewhere relaxed, where you can have conversations that can be heard (avoid noisy cafés), and drinks are essential.

Join us on the Journey of Discovery and start with the Self-Discovery course. These courses are designed to deepen your self-awareness, spirituality and practical listening skills to assist others who are soul searching.

Download our free Soul Food Starter then invite 2 or 3 friends to do the same and have an intentional conversation in a local café following the simple structure in the Starter.

In addition, you can start with our Journey of Discovery courses and deepen your self-awareness, spirituality and practical listening skills to assist others who are soul searching.

Soul Food Café is for anyone who is soul searching and looking for a safe space to connect, reflect and grow with others. Staying connected and having an intentional café conversation is something we can all do. You don't need to be an expert – just a good listener, friend and fellow traveller on the journey.

The Soul Groups are independent groups of friends that meet with friends. Soul Food Café is a Mind & Soul training company and offers recourse, training and an online Café to connect and share, but the Soul Groups are independent. 

Soul Food Café however, suggests two basic roles: Discovery Coach and Soul Group Facilitator. 

A Discovery Coach has finished the 3rd course and learned practical tools and skills to help transform other people’s lives. 
Our coaches do not attempt to fix people or give advice. Instead, we use a coach-the-coach lighthouse model that simply sheds light on a person’s position and circumstance to help them deepen their self-awareness and spirituality.

A Soul Group Facilitator learns to develop spiritual resilience through self-awareness and how to transition from being a victim to become the captain of your own soul.

Soul Food Café was created as a place where you can belong and find food for your soul with friends. There is no better person to comment on this than Jean Vanier. 

"Spirituality then is about getting close to people who have been rejected, breaking down the wall that separates the rich and the poor." says Jean Vanier,

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