Mind & Soul Toolbox - 8 Tools 

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The toolbox is a collection of 8 effective personal transformation tools you will encounter all in our workshops. They are used in groups or one-on-one by our Discovery Coaches or mental health professionals.

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1 Soul Food Passport - Explores your lifestyle and relationship style.
2 Sink OR Swim - Quick check-in to find out how you are doing in your life
3 Mood Journal - Become more aware of changing moods and manage them before they manage you!
4 Wellbeing Dashboard - Evaluate your holistic health across 8 different areas of life.
5 Resilience Dashboard - Learn how to read your personal resilience dashboard.
6 Life Story - Know the story that runs (and sometimes ruins) your life!
7 Soul Journey - Find out where you are on your soul journey.
8 My Authentic Self - Identify your values and strengths and discover ways to live an authentic life.



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