The Tool Box

Don’t travel alone! Start an adventure that moves you out of your own world and sets you on a path toward personal growth where you discover your soul and deepen your relationships. But - don’t journey alone. Invite your friends!

Sink OR Swim

Monitor how you are doing in four main areas of your life (Relationships, Recreation, Workspace, Headspace). This snapshot tool will increase your self-awareness and identify personal needs. It is designed to track your wellbeing over time.

Wellbeing Dashboard

How can I change? Take stock and track your personal growth with this Wellness Dashboard. This tool helps you to identify areas of your life that need attention and you can keep track of your changes over time.

Life Story

Who am I really? Have a deeper understanding of yourself and be amazed by what you discover through a series of self-reflection exercises. We know many stories but our own story often gets overlooked. Fact is, our story runs our life but it can also ruin it!

Mood Journal

What are my triggers? Once you’ve mapped and mastered your life story, it’s important to identify what thoughts trigger your stress response. The journal makes you aware of your changing moods and helps you to manage them before they manage you!

Soul Journey

Unearth your Soul! Find out where you are on the different life stages of your soul journey and adjust your direction to reach your destiny. This is a challenging soul searching tool that may answer many life questions.

Soul Talk Skills

Tired of small talk? Learn soul talk! Soul Talk Skills equips you to help others give a voice to the deeper things of the mind and soul.This is the core skill of the Discovery Coach.

Neuroscience in a Nutshell

Understand how you can change. Learn how to develop your mental & spiritual health using powerful neuroscience principles. We’ll explore the brain and discover how the brain works.

The 3 Minds

Renew your mind! Explore how easy it is to get stuck in our chaotic mind, and develop skills to engage your contemplative and compassionate minds. You will learn practical ways to improve your mental health and live life to the full!

My Authentic Self

Live out your best self. Make the most of your choices and open yourself up to a world of possibilities. In this course, you will explore internal and external awareness, identify your values and strengths, and discover ways to live an authentic life.

Resilience Dashboard

Build Resilience. Learn how to sail through storms using the 8 resilience elements of our lifeboat metaphor. By developing these elements and learning how to read your dashboard, you’ll become more self-aware and be able to assess and track your progress more easily.

Resilience Assessment

Learn about the six keys of resilience and how to assess yourself. This practical tool walks you through the brain using cutting edge and engaging neuroscience animations.


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