Experience Mind & Soul Xchange

Join our workshops and experiences first-hand the Mind & Soul Xchange. Our face-to-face workshops are very practical sessions where you learn to create a safe space and have meaningful conversations.
1. Connect - Know Yourself - 10 x 1hr sessions
The Connect workshop gives you a profound insight into your own life. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and be able to relate more authentically to others. You will also learn how to listen to others, bring their story to light, and connect on a deeper level.
2. Reflect - Accept Yourself - 10 x 1hr sessions
Are you aware of your thought life and how you manage it? The Reflect workshop deep dives into the mind, where you will learn more about the brain and how you can grow through adversity. It will help you to act (not react) in more purposeful and meaningful ways.
3. Grow - Journey with others - 10 x 1hr sessions
The Grow workshop takes you on a journey that empowers you to take charge of your mind and become more true to your authentic self. You will learn simple but powerful tools that will help you to monitor and manage your wellbeing. You will participate in intentional conversations that stretch your mind, give voice to your soul and deepen your relationships.


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