Soul Support Workshops

 Our Soul Support workshops and tools are designed to create an enriched environment where people can have a first-hand experience of soul support. Our Soul Support is a 2-way street where on one side you explore your own life, and on the other side also learn to listen deeply to others and give feedback.

Passport - 4 x 1hr sessions

The Passport is the gateway to an adventure that will challenge who you are! Leave your own world and join others on a journey into the unknown. This workshop explores your soul journey and how you relate to others.

Journey of Discovery - 10 x 1hr sessions

Discover how you can read yourself and be more authentic! This workshop equips you with some simple but powerful tools to help monitor and manage your own wellbeing. You’ll explore your unique character and soul journey, as well as learn basic listening skills. Experience intentional wellbeing conversations that will stretch your mind and give voice to the soul.


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